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  • What makes Tracelay cyber defense program different from other learning programs ?
    Tracelay Advanced cyber defense program focused on real life industry based tools hands-on practical learning experience. * Accessible anywhere - you can learn anywhere at any time using our cloud based access * Real life based investigation scenarios - up-to-date practical hands-on experiences * Adaptive learning - take maximum out of your learning experience by covering topics in offense & defense you're not experienced yet and leave out things you already know.
  • Whom is this platform meant for?
    Our platform is meant for everyone who are interested in developing their professional skills in cyber security and IT field in general. Selected tools vary in level of complexity and depth which makes it suitable for beginners,graduate students,Freshers and more advanced IT professionals.
  • Can I use these tools with my laptop ?
    Yes, you can start your selected tools in any computer that has a web browser and network connection a minimal of 3 Mb/s to get the most out of the experience.
  • I'm a beginner. What should I learn first?
    There are various paths you can take, but if you're new to advanced tools we advise you to start by understanding the "Introductory fundamental cyber security concepts & to get more familiar with the defense concepts and then continue with more defense tool access.
  • Can I get certificate after the completion of this program & what's the main benefits ?
    Yes, of course you will get certificate & acknowledgment letter on specific tools you got access. You can mention these tool experience on CV and that will give you best exposure while applying in MNC Companies & when you move to full time role
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